Everyone needs to take a break from the business from time to time and it is not a good idea to work for too long without a break.

Your energy levels are important to your business success, your mind needs to be clear in order for you to be at your best, to spot opportunities and for you to get the most out of your marketing efforts.  There are lots of ways to generate ideas for your business marketing and one of the best is when you are relaxed and on holiday.

On the beach with no worries, your mind can really wonder and you can begin to look at your business more objectively.  You need this detachment from your business every now and again in order to boost your batteries and crystalise your business goals.

You may be thinking, I’m too busy to take a holiday and who will do everything when I am away.  If that is the case, there are tools that you can utilise to make it easier for you to go away and still ‘manage’ the business from where you are holidaying.

It makes sense to plan ahead, do not book appointments for the time that you will be away and tie up all loose ends.  Block out time in your diary to plan your getaway and also plan to take a few days off when you get back from your holiday just to reacclimatise yourself to being back.

Before you head off for holiday, make sure that you have taken care of all the little things that pop up on a daily basis and systematise an approach to doing everyday tasks in your business.  Make it easy for other people to follow you by coming in and doing these tasks for you when you are away.  If you use a systems approach to your business, it makes the running of your operation much easier.

Consider writing a ‘Procedures Manual’ or book which contains basic instructions about how to do a lot of the daily tasks.  You save yourself countless hours this way.  By setting up systems and making it easy for people to help out, you will not have to worry about your business whilst you are away.

If you must, you can communicate with your staff and manage your business right from your favourite holiday destination with the right technology.  You can use computer software to access your business computer from any PC in the world and can even do a lot of tasks from your mobile phone.  If you have a smart phone you will know that the possibilities are endless with the apps that you can get to help you run your business.

Consider using Skype or Google Voice for those telephone conversations that you simply must have while you are away, you might actually end up being more productive because you don’t want your meetings to eat into your holiday time.  After all, you are there to take time off, not give yourself more work so keep all calls to an absolute minimum.

Those people that have properly planned their holiday will get the best out of it and it won’t hurt your business one little bit.  If you have staff, establish times for them to report back to you and do not encourage anyone to break these times unless it is an absolutely catastrophic emergency!  Well trained staff who are following tasks as outlined in your Procedures Manual, will not have to contact you anyway.  They will know what they are doing.

These are basic tips to help you plan a break whilst still staying at the top of your business.  You will be able to get the rest you need, come back all fired up with new ideas (because of the breakthroughs in thinking you have had whilst chilling on the beach) and ready to take your business to the next level.