There is much more competition for your business products and services than at any other time in history.  You need to really take a stock of what you are doing online.  A lot of businesses are struggling to stay ahead and get noticed by search engines like Google. This is often because they do not have a fully thought out online marketing strategy.  If you want to be recognised as one of the best if not THE best, you have to follow some basic rules online.

To stay ahead of the Google curve and get good website rankings, what are some of the things you need to consider?

To start with you really need to understand that your social media activity goes hand in hand with search engine optimisation.  In other words, you need to utilise all the best social media strategies in order to rank highly in Google.  The use of Social media will result in greater optimisation for your website in the Google world.

In 2013 you simply must be using platforms like Facebook and Twitter to communicate with your audience.  If you are not then you are missing a huge opportunity.  As soon as you start to build up your Facebook fans and Twitter followers, make sure that you are delivering good quality content to them on a frequent basis.  It will not take long for you to see a positive result from this activity in the form of new fans and followers which will ultimately result in new clients, customers, more sales and increased visibility online.

Link building is an important component for your website and all links on your site should be natural.  Never buy links for your website as this is a short-cut that is sure to be noticed by Google and your website rankings will suffer in the long-term.  All your hard work will be down the drain. You need high quality back-links from well respected sites that are relevant to your business.  This is what gets you noticed by Google.  You will have much quicker success this way and your website will be seen by more of your target audience as your ranking improves online.

By connecting with authority websites that are respected by Google, you will get noticed quicker.  Google is constantly searching for the best and well connected websites so that they can serve up the best content to the thousands of people who are searching online for your products and services.  To this end, any authority site back links that you create will boost your overall ranking online.

Think about the sites that are an authority in your niche and concentrate on building relationships with them so that you can spread your message.  You could offer to do a blog post for them showing your area of expertise or comment on their blog giving advice to people in your market.  There are many ways to get recognised as an expert and authority and it is crucial that you deploy some of these techniques into your marketing strategy.

Google loves good quality relevant information and the faster your website is optimised with the type of content that Google loves, the better for you and the better for your bottom line profits.  Produce timely keyword rich content that is relevant to your website and you can’t go far wrong.  Updating your site should be easy but if you don’t want to bother to add rich content on a regular basis, give the job to a professional who will do this for you.

For your website to be the best in your market you really have to put time and effort into it but this can be hard when you are so busy running your business.  You should see the building of your online presence as a good investment though and immediately make steps to incorporate some of these strategies.  You owe it to your business to make sure you have a well thought out online marketing strategy.  By simply adopting some of the techniques talked about in this article, Google will begin to love your site.

You will be rewarded with lots of new traffic from Google from people who are searching for your products and services.  This can only mean one thing – more money for your business.  Make sure your website is optimised for maximum results.  If you need any help with any part of your online marketing strategy, call the Media Clinic today on 07534 649467 or fill out our call back form.