Are you set up to benefit from the Chritmas trading season?

With Christmas fast approaching, it is worth noting that more money is transacted between businesses at this time of the year than at any other time.

You need to make sure that your website, social media pages and all your email communications are positioned to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Here are 8 Top Tips that you can use to improve your bottom line.

  1. Plan, Plan and then Plan again!Planning your offers around Christmas in advance pushes you ahead of the competition. Schedule your offers around the main holidays where people spend a lot of money.  Apart from Christmas, think about what offers you can come up with for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday.

    There’s also Easter, Mother and Father’s day, Valentines and a range of other celebrations that you can capitalise from. You can even start your own annual holiday promotion to fit in with your business niche if one does not exist.

  2. Create content that will be of special interest to your customersYou know already what your customers want and like to read about so make sure you deliver content that is valuable to them. A powerful way to find out what they want is to simply ask them, they are the ones who are buying your products and services so it does make sense to ask them now and again if there is anything they want that you could provide to them.

    Could you provide them with some money off discount coupons, a special Christmas package or something of that nature?  Think about what you offer and think of the ways you can market it different to take advantage of the Christmas buyers.

  3. Brand your contentMake sure all your content has your logo and brand details and make a special Christmas edition to appeal to your customers. This will get them in the Christmas mood and might even improve their spending. If you have a physical shop or premises that customers visit, make sure they are decorated nicely.
  4. Network with InfluencersImagine getting your product or service in front of thousands or millions of people. If you can work out a deal with a top influencer in your target market, you could dramatically improve the chances of your business getting seen.
  5. Link with a CharityAt Christmas, people are more conscious about giving so linking with a Charity that is close to your heart will go down nicely with your customers. Let people know that a portion of your profits will go to that Charity and watch your business grow. You will be inspiring more customers to buy from you because they will know that you are a business with a heart that is as concerned with the less fortunate just as much as you are concerned with making a profit.
  6. Hold a Christmas Party of Special Event for your customers (and potential customers)Send out invitations to your list letting them know that you are throwing a special Christmas party. At the party have lots of discounted products and bundles that people can buy. Remember, people buy more at Christmas so it’s worth considering all the different products you could offer. You don’t need to have a physical location to host a Christmas party either.  You could throw an online Christmas party using Google Hangouts, Facebook Live or a range of other platforms.
  7. Show your customers lots of loveChristmas is the season to be merry so show a lot of love to your customers at this time.  Do you send Christmas cards or special emails thanking them for their business?  Put together a special promotion for them, it could be free Christmas shipping, 20% off their Christmas order, buy one, get one free, anything that you can do to show them you care. In this digital age, sending out a phsucal Christmas card really stands out as we are living in a digital age now and a lot of business owners just do not send physical cards out anymore.
  8. Ramp up your Social MediaGet more active on social media around this time and really go to town with this.  You could organise special holiday contests like ‘The Best Looking Santa’ or ‘The Best Decorated House’ to encourage your followers to interact with you and post their entries. This is a great way of getting to know your customers better and also bringing a lot of new visitors to your social media pages.  People love to share content like this and you will pick up a lot of new fans in the process.

Well there you have it, 8 tips for getting more sales around the Christmas holiday season. They won’t all be relevant to every business but even if there’s one or two that you can use to make more money, go for it.

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