Are You Using These Local Marketing Strategies Effectively?

Word of mouth adveritsing is the best form of advertising in the world.  When you rave about a product or service to a friend, there is a high likelihood that your friend is going to buy or try based off your recommendations. Getting your happy customers to spread the news about your business is easy if you know how.  Here are 10 Tips for

  1. Get involved in your local community – Wherever you are based, connect with local people and other business owners, let them know what you do and how you can help. This is a great way of engaging with local customers. Attend community events, sponsor the ones that you resonate with and your name will be all over the event branding. Building valuable links in the community is a good way to grow your business fast.
  2. Offer a Free Consultation – If you operate a service business, think about giving a free consulation away to potential cliens. Demonstarte your knowledge and expertise in a free session as a gesture of good will and be surprised at how many of these ‘free’ customers turn aroudn and purchase your paid services. 15 minutes of your free time now could result in hundreds or thousands of pounds of business for you in the future.
  3. Google Your Business – Do you know that more than half of businesses still are not registered properly with Google. The biggest search engine in the world makes it easy for people to find you (if you know what you are doing) and you will be able to manage the informaiton that Google has about your business. When someone searches for your product or service locally, guess who Google is going to serve up to them? Yes, your business.  Make sure your Google My Business listing is filled out properly and watch as new customers trickle into your business.
  4. Start A Loyalty Programme – Your customers love to feel loved so by starting a Loyalty Programme, you will be rewarding their patronage and will be making them feel as though you care about their custom. Put special offers and discounts together for the people on your Loyalty Programme and publish this on Social Media. You will get more customers and your loyal customers will love being the centre of attention.
  5. Advertise On The Train & Tube or Even in Local Shops – You can easily reach local customers when you get your message directly in front of them. Think about the places that your target customers go and the services they use.  cdould you advertise on the bus, train or tube? Thousands of people use these daily so your message will be seen. Put together a list of potential places you could advertise and get started. You don’t have to go for big advertsising boards on these platforms, an ad in your local shops might just do the trick too.  With careful planning, we bet you could get your poster or ad in at least 20 local shops, imagine what difference this alone would make.
  6. Promote Yourself on Social Media – Take advantage of the huge platforms that Facebook, Instagram and other social networking sites have and get your message out on them. With billions (yes, that’s with a b) of users on these platforms (co0llectively) you can reach out to new customers easily.  On Instagram in particular, make sure you geo-tag your posts so that they are picked up by people searching locally. This is a great strategy. On Facebook, take advantage of the fact that you can target customers in specific locations say within a 20 mile radius of your business. Boosting your posts on Facebooks paid platform allows you to reach new customers without it breaking the bank.
  7. Share Your Story – Pepole love to buy from people who they feel they know, like and trust so you should share your story to start building a deeper connection with your followers. Create videos and write blog posts talking about how you got your business started, we all love a local success story so take advantage of people’s propensity to enjoy reading or learning about local people.
  8. Ask For Referrals & Testimonials – Make sure you have a system in place to get referrals from your customers or clients. Local customers want to use a business that has been tested and that is highly regarded in the local community. Getting testimonials is easy, just ask your existing and past customers and say that you would appreciate it if they sent you a written review if they had a good experience with your company.
  9. Get To Know The Key Influencers – These can be bloggers or journalists in your area who yhou could contact. Invite them to your events and feed them with newsworthy stories about your industry.  You will get positive write ups in the press which will lead to more people checking out your business.
  10. Join Local Business Groups – From the Chambers of Commerce to BNI (Business Networking International) there are groups you can join that are full of local people that can refer your products and services to others. Even though you have to pay to be part of networks like these, the rewards can be worth ten times your investment. If you are serious about your business, enjoy networking and have some money to spend, it might be a good decision to join one of these networks. Join free networks too and attend their functions, even if you come out with one or two new customers or clients, it will be well worth your visit.

Well there you have it, 10 fantastic tips for growing your business using local marketing techniques. Just pick one and implement it and then move onto another one. We believe that by the time you get to implementing three or four of these in your business, it will not be recognisable.  Good luck and don’t forget to contact us if you need help implementing any of these ideas in your business.